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Volume 9, Issue 60: Mediterranean Oil Lamp found in Wisconsin


  • Forgotten Earthworks of the Prehistoric Midwest – Frank Joseph
  • Pre-Columbian Indo-European Civilizations of the Americas – Tom Finn
  • Ohio’s Prehistoric Village Site – William C. Mills
  • Algonquian Traditions and other American Enigmas – Pat Morgan
  • Clipping the Piasa Bird’s Wings – John J. Dunphy
  • An Indiana Temple to the Egyptian Sun-God? – Dr. R.M. de Jonge
  • Topper is Fifty Thousand Years Old
  • BatCreek Stone:Cherokee or Hebrew? – David A. Deal
  • Midwestern Epigraphic Society
  • The Newfoundland Cross: European Comparisons from the Viking Age
  • Mediterranean Lamps: Anomalies of the American Midwest..Wayne May
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Talking Sticks