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Volume 17, Issue 101: Discovered: Viking Ring Fort? Quebec, Canada


  • New Finds Support Minoan Role in Transatlantic Copper Trade Jay Wakefield
  • Archaeologist Puzzled about Stone Forts Jon Musgrave
  • Ancient Forts of the Ohio Valley: Devil’s Backbone Rick Osmon
  • The Translation: McGruer’s Gods, A Michigan Mystery Betty Sodders
  • New Interpretation for Vinland Sagas Donald Wiedman
  • Georgia’s Giants in the Earth Jim Miles
  • Pre-Columbian Iron Age in North America Dr. Robert N. List
  • Very First Americans May Have Had European Roots
  • Stone Age Europeans were First Native Americans
  • St. Louis Mounds: Ancient Architecture Gone
  • Watson Brake Mounds: Discovered by Amateur
  • Ohio Effigy Pipes are Illinois Stone
  • MU Archaeologist Finds 3-D Statue