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Volume 17, Issue 100: Eastern Mound Builders and the Hopewell


  • Geometric Earthworks of Chillicothe, Ohio – Carl P. Munck, USAF (RET.)
  • Geophysical Investigations of the Hopewell Earthworks – Arlo McKee
  • Discovery of McGruer’s Gods, Part 1 – Betty Sodders
  • Mysterious Ruins at Bluff Point, New York, Part 2 – David D. Robinson
  • New Evidence: Poverty Point was Circular – Dr. Robert N. List
  • Walking Where Hwui Walked – Glen H. Kipple
  • New Evidence Puts Man in N.A. 50,000 Years Ago
  • Mayan Pyramid Crushed for Gravel
  • Spiro Mounds: Prehistoric Gateway
  • Bone Tumor Identified in 120,000 Neandertal
  • Texas Artifacts Predate Clovis Culture
  • Ancient Port Offers Chance to Re-evaluate Diffusion
  • Ancient American Magazine’s 100th ISSUE!