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Volume 20, Issue 110: Bronze Age Axe: Maps to North America


  • Giants of Doddridge County – Jason Jarrell & Sarah Farmer
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 10 Reading You Five by Five – Rick Osmon
  • North America Visitors Timeline: Newport Tower – Michael Rimillard
  • The Use of Latitudes in Bronze Age Sailing – Jay Wakefield
  • Mysterious Valley in Lincoln County, West Virginia: Part II – Mark Eddy
  • Mysterious Past of Beaver Island: A Plea for Excavation and Preservation – Dr. Robert List & John Bierma
  • Cahokia Human Sacrifices Sourced from Locals
  • Relics Discovered in Teotihuacan
  • Hurricane Agnes Reveals Strange Artifact
  • Sinkhole Discovered Underneath Kulkucahns Temple
  • Myteries of Jade Deposits in Wisconsin
  • Mummy Uncovered in Lowell, Indiana
  • Mystery Stone of Peters Creek: Templars?
  • State of Field Investigator Program
  • Romans in North America
  • First Americans may have been European
  • A Zuni Fetis from a Museum Collection