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Volume 20, Issue 112: A Tribute to our Destroyed Ancient Past


  • The Cursed Oak Island Artifacts, Part 2 – J. Hutton Pulitzer
  • Bronze Age In America with Minoans and Myceneans – Colette Smith
  • Academic Coverup and the European Florida Bog People – Fritz Zimmerman
  • Bronze Age Colonies in the Azores and Canaries – Jay S. Wakefield
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 12 The Tennessee River Forts – Rick Osmon
  • “These Interesting Remains” Marietta Reevaluated, Part 1 – Mark R. Eddy
  • Topper Site Find Reveals People Were Here Very Early
  • UA Museum of the North Displays Enigmatic Object
  • Unusual Native American Site, Milan, Ohio
  • Ancient Suburb Near St. Louis, Could Be Lost Forever
  • Mysterious Armor from Western Texas
  • A Monument to a Monument, the Standing Stone of Monterey, Tennessee