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Volume 7, Issue 45: Ancestors of our First Americans


  • Peruvian Ruins of America’s Oldest City – Patrick C. Chouinard
  • An Ancient “Boat” in Native American Rock Art? – Carl A. Bjork
  • Medallion? Charm? Coinage?
  • Washington State’s Mystery-Cult Beast – Gary L. Wilson
  • Native Americans Remember the Great Flood – Frank Joseph
  • Alabama and Tennessee Burial Urns – Bureau of Ethnology: 1924
  • Tennessee’s “Lost Tribe of Israel?” – Brian Allen
  • Mexico is Atlantis – Gene D. Matlock, B.A., M.A.
  • The Stone Lions of Cochiti – L. Bradford Prince
  • Did Odysseus Sail to Newfoundland? – Victor Kachur
  • Dragons link Ancient Greece to Japan through America – Professor Nobuhiro Yoshida
  • Geologist Critiques Ancient American Anomalies – James J. (Bud) Shelton
  • Ancestors of our First Americans – Wayne May
  • Midwest Epigraphic Symposium in Ohio
  • Evidence shows Chinese Beat Columbus and Magellan
  • In Memoriam: Thor Heyerdahl
  • Down on the Farm: Rock Hunting
  • Book Review: The Lost Book of Enki
  • Book Review: This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: How the Sun-God reached America
  • Book Review: The Destruction of Atlantis