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Volume 18, Issue 103: Eastern Kentucky’s Prophet Stone


  • Unraveling the Mystery of the Diamon Fork Symbol – Utahna Jessop
  • Evidence of Prehistoric Warfare in Utah – Ancient American Staff
  • The Prophet Stone of Eastern Kentucky. – Kent Christon
  • The Nuab-cow-zo-win Disks, Cosmic Symbolism – Chad Stuemke
  • Mendes-Ancient City of the Ram God – Jan Summers
  • Beaver Island: Making New Connections – M. T. Bussey
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 3 – Rick Osmon
  • Pre-Columbian Iron Age in the Americas, Part 2 of 2 – Dr. Robert List
  • Chief Joseph’s Cuneiform Tablet
  • Primordial Language: Book Review
  • Voices of the Ancients: Book Review
  • Reconstruction of Scioto Hopewell: Book Review
  • Earliest Evidence of Gigantism-3,800 Years Ago
  • My Science, My Religion
  • Sunstone Guided Vikings After Sunset
  • America’s Oldest Petroglyphs Upset Academia
  • Design and Layout of the Newark Earthworks
  • The Atlantis Project