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Volume 19, Issue 107: Mound Builders of North America Large and Mighty Men


  • North Carolina’s Dare Stones – Jim Miles
  • Hopewell: A Western Presence in Eastern Iowa – Ancient American Staff
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 7, Many Peoples, Many Paths – Rick Osmon
  • Salvation at the Junction Group – Mark Eddy
  • The Giant Mound Builders of Erie – Pastor Swope & Ancient American Staff
  • The McCauley Stone – M.T. Bussey
  • The Dikes at Alexander Lake – Myron Paine
  • AAPS Annual Conference
  • Ancient American Field Investigators
  • Thousands of Enigmatic Beads found in Ohio
  • The Forgotten Mummies of Peru
  • U.S. Soldiers Train on Ancient Debris Site
  • When and How did the First People Arrive
  • Ice Age Butcher’s Shop Found in Canada
  • Amateur Discovers First Copper Workshop
  • Kings County News: Nine Foot Indian
  • Kitchi Gummi, the Interview
  • Jewish Menorahs at Burrows Cave
  • The Aboriginal Mound Builders of Tennessee
  • The Lost Glyphs