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Volume 26, Issue 140: Kuelap, the Citadel


  • Canada’s Ancient Rock Art
  • Kuelap, a Chachapoya Citadel – Georges Fery
  • A Short Lived Saga: Vikings in New Hampshire – David Goudsward
  • My Hawaiian Ancestors’ Migration from the East! – Bill Hanson
  • An Improved Comparison at Burrows Cave – John J. White
  • Rhinoceroses in a Mochica Vessel – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • The Beaker People: A Timeline – Jay Stuart Wakefield
  • Juan De Fuca Plate
  • Transatlantic Visitors in Prehistoric Ohio
  • Latest Archaeological Finds
  • Skeletons Seven Feet Long
  • Mummified Remains of Giants Found in Caves