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Volume 1, Issue 5: Archives of the Past: Stone, Clay, Copper


  • The Aztecs’ ‘Vessel of Time’ – Frank Joseph
  • The Mystic Symbol: Demystified – David Allen Deal
  • McGruer’s Gods and the Newberry Stone – Betty Sodders
  • Ancient Sauk Cosmology: The Twins – Co-authored by Dr. J.E. Price & Lawrence Kabah, Elder of the Sauk Tribe
  • The Phaistos Disk – John Miller
  • Who are the Looters? – Vincent J. Mooney Jr
  • The Newberry Stone: Curiouser and Curiouser – Frank Joseph
  • Down On the Farm: The Stones of the Pearl River – Wayne May
  • Letters To the Editor
  • No Private Ownership of Archaeological Materials? – ACPAC Newsletter
  • Ancient City of El Pital – Vincent J. Mooney Jr