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Volume 2, Issue 11: The Kiva- Gateway for Man


  • In Search of Hard Evidence: Ancient Stone Maps – Bill & Marilyn Kreisel
  • Ohio Decalog: A Case of Fraudulent Archaeology – David A. Deal
  • Ancient American Spirituality: A Hindu-Hebrew-Hopi Connection – Schuyler E. Grey, Ph.D.
  • Wisconsin’s Thunderbird God – .Joan Price, Ph.D. and Lawrence Kahbeah, Sr.
  • Florida Before Columbus – Gunnar Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Wabanaki: People of the Dawn – Robert J. Kord
  • Ancient Pirate Treasure in Illinois? – Russell Burrows
  • Saga of the Joe Kela Stone – Fred Rydholm
  • Ohio’s Tarlton Cross-Mound Opened – John White III, Ph.D.
  • Riddle of Ancient Haiti – Frank Joseph
  • In Memorium: Dr. Joseph Mahan – .A.A. Staff
  • Press Release: B.C. Video, Prime Time NBC – A.A. Staff
  • Editorial: The Pollution of Prehistory – Frank Joseph
  • Book Review: Prehistory From a Plant’s Point of View – A.A. Staff
  • Findings: Please Tough the Artifacts! – Todd A. Hansen
  • Down On the Farm: Nefarious Plough-Marks – Wayne May
  • Letters to the Editor