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Volume 18, Issue 102: Mississippian Iconic Tablets and Cahokia Mounds


  • Iconic Tablets from Cahokia Mounds & American Bottoms – Mike Dewdney
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 2 – Rick Osmon
  • Faces from Our Past – Deb Twigg
  • Effigies and Mounds in Southern Wisconsin: A Tribute to Frank
  • Shadewalde – Frank Joseph
  • Pre-Columbian Iron Age in the Americas: The Egypto-Nubian/Phoenician
  • Phase of San Lorenzo, La Venta, the Mississippi River Valley and Beyond, Part 2 – Dr. Robert N. List
  • A Rare Adena/Hopewell Earthwork in Wisconsin? – Wayne May and Richard Moats
  • Oil Plant Could Destroy 1614 Dutch Fort
  • Genetic Manipulation In Antiquity: Ancient Feats That Started a Revolution
  • Underwater Forrest Found
  • Underwater City Found Off Oregon
  • In Search of a Mayan
  • New Find: Another Stone Wall at the Tip of Illinois
  • Evidence of Human Diversity in North America
  • Lady Picking: Enigma of Bedford, Indiana
  • An Artist’s Interpretation on Michigan Relics