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Volume 2, Issue 10: Treasure of the Moche Lords


  • Treasure of the Moche Lords – Mary A. Dempsey
  • What Do the Temple Mounds Conceal? – .Joseph Mahan, Ph.D.
  • New World Migration – Jimmie Lee Robins
  • Watermelon, Green Cheese, and Smoke: The Power of Belief – W.R. McGlone, P.M. Leonard, Jr., & R.W. Gillespie
  • Michigan’s Enigmatic Images – Betty Sodders & Gerry Prich
  • Ancient American Astrology: A System Developed In Isolation? – Bruce Scofield
  • Larger Than the Santa Maria – James P. Grimes
  • Spirit Pond Rune Stones Re-Stir Controversy – A.A. Staff
  • Findings: From Across the Sea – Todd Hanson
  • Japanese Place Names in Ancient America – Don Smithana
  • Book Review: In Plain Sight, Old World Records in America – Gloria Farley
  • Journalistic Coverage of Nagpra – ACPAC Newsletter
  • Insights: Old World People in the New? – John L. Sorenson