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Volume 9, Issue 59: Tomb of the Embarras River or Burrows Cave?


  • Tomb of the Embarras River or Burrows Cave? – Wayne May
  • Gematria and the Biblical Codex Found in Ancient Earthworks of the Ohio Valley – Fritz Zimmerman
  • Ancient Osage Village Site – Central States Archaeological Journal
  • Did Britons Visit 6th Century America? – Jim Michael
  • Kennewick Man, Still Politically Incorrect – James J. Daly Sr.
  • Boenker’s Hill – Tim McLandsborough and Mike Pinnell
  • Dr. Dickson’s Mound Builders Near Lewiston, Illinois…..Addison J. Throop
  • Atlantis Miners in American Copper Country – Frank Joseph
  • Anasazi Rock Art at the Valley of Fire – Kimberly Horg
  • Ancient Egyptian Knife Removed from California’s Giant Sequoia
  • Upsetting Archeology’s Apple Cart
  • Pre-Inca City Found in Peruvian Jungle
  • Mayan Sacred Language Re-discovered
  • Midwestern Epigraphic Society
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: Cahokia Mounds Digging For the Past
  • New Book Release: The Mystic Symbol
  • Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders