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Volume 20, Issue 111: Treasure Discovered Beneath the Waters Off Oak Island


  • The Cursed Oak Island Artifacts – J. Hutton Pulitzer
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 11 Behind the Walls, Lands Divided – Rick Osmon
  • Did the Northmen of Greenland go Native? – Glen H. Kippel
  • Isle Royale is America’s Cyprus – Don Spohn, Ph.D.
  • The Southern Crossing: Bronze Age Axeheads – Jay Wakefield
Mystery Earthworks in the Mississippi Delta. – Joan Conover
  • Investigating the Megalithic Late Archaic and Woodland Cultures in West Virginia – Sarah Farmer & Jason Jarell
  • Traces of a 9,000 Year Old Civilization: Lake Huron
  • Stone Idols of Apple Hill Michigan
  • Book Review: Worlds Before Our Own
  • Two of our Own Researchers “Cross Over”
  • Book Review: Mysterious Stone Sites, Hudson Valley
  • Bison Poised to be America’s First National Mammal
  • Down the Memory Hole with Kennewick Man