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Volume 18, Issue 105: Highways of the Ancients


  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part Five Proposed Goods, Packaging, and Transportation – Rick Osmon
  • Bronze Age Ocean Pendants – Jay Wakefield
  • Tahquamenon, A River of Mystery – Betty Sodders
  • Field Work in Ohio Spring and Summer 1896 – Warren King Moorehead
  • Ancient New York Giants – Fritz Zimmerman
  • The Maps That Columbus Used – Jill Withrow Baker
  • Gnostic Presense in Ancient Michigan – Steven Wilden
  • Banner Stone of North American Indians
  • Archaeology’s Ivory Tower of Babel Cracks Up
  • Collecting Artifacts in East Tennessee
  • Horses Before Columbus
  • Ancient American Field Investigators
  • Silk Worms and a Sea Port in Idaho?
  • Sacred Places: NEW ENGLAND (Book)
  • Ancient Works in Perry County Ohio
  • New Book: Did the Chinese Discover North America