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Volume 8, Issue 50: Exclusive: First Photos of Prehistoric Token Found In Upper Michigan


  • Stone Walls of Sounthern Illinois – Wayne May
  • Pottery Vase with Figure Painting – E.P. Dieseldorff
  • The Pre-Columbian Connection: Transatlantic Ships – James P. Grimes
  • American Indians: Out of India? – Gene D. Matlock
  • Horse Sacrifices in Ancient Siberia – E. Royston Pike
  • Dighton Rock, The Mystery Boulder of Massachusetts – John Gallagher
  • Shared Astronomy in Ancient Egypt and Pre-Columbian Mexico – Richard A. Fields, II
  • The Lost History of Ancient Michigan, Part II – David J. Wood
  • Did Chinese Visitors Leave their Mark in Prehistoric Arizona? – Greg Nelson
  • The Enigmatic Ruins of Chachapoyas – Pat Chouinard
  • New Evidence for Pre-Columbian Transpacific
  • Contact between China and Mexico – Mike Xu
  • Mound Builder Park Sites – MES Columbus, Ohio
  • Prehistoric Michigan’s Lost “Token” from Java Resurfaces – Frank Joseph
  • ACPAC: New Finds at Teotihuacan