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Volume 7, Issue 48: The Face of Ancient America


  • Native American Art at Peabody Essex Museum
  • Puerco Pueblo: Cross Roads of the Ancient Southwest – Sydney J. Tanner
  • Who Made the Mounds? Part Three – John Winston
  • Ancient American Copper Technology – E.J. Neiburger, DDS
  • Sacred Pipestone of Wisconsin’s Blue Hills – Jim Patraw
  • Did the Norse reach North Dakota? – Jim Nosker
  • Discoverer of Burrows Cave tells how He found It – Russell Burrows
  • Decipherment of Ogam at Burrows Cave – Victor Kachur
  • The Kensington and Heavener Runestone Hoaxes – J.D. Hains, M.D.
  • Ice Mummies of the Incas – Patrick C. Chouinard
  • Romans Beat Columbus to Western Hemisphere
  • Book Review: Incredible Bronze Age Journey
  • Book Review: Voyages of the Pyramid Builders
  • Stone Face Found in Wisconsin’s Black River Forest – Bessie Kmiecik
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ACPAC: Atlatls and Public Prehistory
  • Sky Bear and the Dancing Rock Petroglyphs – Iron Thunderhorse