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Volume 7, Issue 44: Caddo Mounds of Louisiana


  • The Symbolic Dress of Ancient Hawaiians – Helen Kitchen Branson
  • Dismantling the Alaskan Land-Bridge Theory – David Doerr
  • A Caddo Burial Site at Natchitoches, Louisiana – Winslow M. Walker
  • Lost Monuments of the Mound Builders – Reprint: Records of the Past, Vol. X
  • Ancient Sea People Mines Found Intact – Michael Busch
  • Ancient Florida’s AIS Indians – Robert I. Davidsson
  • Crystal Eagles of Ancient America – Frank Joseph
  • Did the Templars Seek Refuge in French Canada? – Gerand Leduc
  • Aztec Calendar Stone: Myths and Facts – Iron Thunderhorse
  • Ancient Sanskrit Pictograph near Sedona, Arizona? – Jack Andrews
  • Ancient Mexico’s Curious Connection to Wisconsin’s Sunken Pyramid – Kathy Kasten
  • Down on the Farm: Unusual Find on the Lake Bottom – Nelson Jecas
  • Stone Enigma – Robert Chrisholm
  • Letters to the Editor