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Volume 6, Issue 37: The Michigan Tablets: Frauds or Relics?


  • Analyzing a Giant Prehistoric Celt – by E.J. Neiburger, DDS
  • A Hungarian Beat Coumbus to America – by Fred Hamori
  • The Michigan Relics: Are They Frauds? – by Rudolph Etzenhouser
  • The Bell and the Hammer: Two “Impossible” Finds – by Dennis Ballard
  • An Ancient Greek Historian’s Sailing Directions to North America – by Alban Wall
  • Ohio’s Ancient City – by Wayne May
  • Kennewick Man: May He Rest In Peace? – by Carol Lever and Peter Quinone
  • Non-Invasive Technology Reveals Ancient Burials – by Wayne May
  • New Book Releases Burial Mound Site to be Research Preserve – by Carolyn Lange
  • Greek Coin Found in Missouri – by Dr. Cyclone Covey
  • Michigan Mysterious Bracelet Tested – by Wayne May
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The “All-Night Walker” of Native American Astronomy – by Iron Thunderhorse