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Volume 5, Issue 32: Did the Incas Sail to Africa?


  • The Stone Face at Mummy Mountain – Dr. James P. Scherz
  • American and Japanese Dragons, Related? – Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshida
  • Could the Incas have Sailed to Africa? – Kota Mamba Expedition
  • Pre-Columbian Crucible, the Birthplace of American Civilization (part2) – Dr. Cyclone Covey
  • Ohio’s Colossal Network Mound Endangered – William F. Romain
  • Trashing America’s “Politically Incorrect” Prehistory – Fred Rydholm
  • New Mexico’s Sacred Petroglyphs Threatened
  • Reader’s Tip Leads to Discovery of Ancient Stone Ruins
  • Atlantis Rising/Ancient American Stage September Conference in Montana
  • People’s Festival in Baraga, Michigan
  • Update From Illinois on the Burrows Cave Site
  • ARARA Conference
  • Test Prove Romans Visited Prehistoric Mexico
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: Catastrophism By Kenneth Caroli
  • Giants, Dragons and Devils of Prehistoric Connecticut – Iron Thunderhorse