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Volume 4, Issue 28: Secret Chambers in the Rockies


  • Secret Chambers in the Rockies – Jared G. Barton
  • Iowa’s Davenport Stone: 19th Century Hoax or 2,000 -year-old Artifact? – James Grimes
  • Drums Along the Minnesota – Eddie Benton Benais
  • Hunting the Lost Pyramids of Pusharo – Frank Ciampa
  • Cherokees’ Supernatural Warriors, Defenders of the Nikwasi Mound – Iron Thunderhorse
  • The Newport Structure: Colonial Mill or Viking Tower? – Thomas P. Dungan
  • Evidence of Vikings in North America: Norse-Algonquian Language Connections….Valerie Vaughn
  • People of the Serpent: A Hint About Toltec Origins – John J. White, III
  • The Discovery of Ohio’s Mystery Tablet – Dr. L.B. Welch & J.M. Richardson
  • Rock Art Links Across the Ocean – Professor Nobuhiro Yoshida
  • New Underwater Discoveries in the Bahamas – William Donato
  • Midwestern Epigraphic Society Conducts Extraordinarily Interesting Symposium – A.A. Staff
  • IRAC, Ripon Wisconsin – A.A. Staff
  • Find of the Century Revealed? – A.A. Staff
  • Down on the Farm – Wayne May
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Listen to the Trees – Garvin, Kingswan and Redcloud
  • It’s like giving away something you borrowed – ACPAC Newsletter