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Volume 3, Issue 24: California’s Maze Stone


  • Stargazing Turtles and Giant Stone Faces of the Rockies – Paul Trevers
  • We Need Our Own Museum! – James P. Grimes
  • Comalcalco: Maya Innovation or Old World Intervention? – David J. Eccott
  • Japan’s Hunting Prayer Stone: Evidence of Contact with Ancient Mesopotamia – Hideko Fukuda
  • Rediscovering Ophir – Hector Burgos-Stein
  • Shared Star-Lore of Ancient Egypt and Pre-Columbian America – Hector Burgos-Stein
  • California’s Mysterious Maze Stone – Frank Joseph
  • Modern Vikings Celebrate a Century of the Kensington Rune Stone – Wayne May
  • Has Missouri’s Ancient Knife Been Identified? – Daryl W. Capps
  • Skull Morphology – ACPAC Newsletter
  • Middle American Diffusion Throughout Our Continent – Iron Thunderhorse
  • Letters to the Editor