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Volume 3, Issue 16: Ancient Gold in Illinois


  • A New History for a New Century – Horatio Rybnikar
  • The Business of Discovery – .George W. Lodge
  • Why a Special Report on Mystery Cave – Wayne May
  • The Man in Search of a Lost Tomb: Interview with Harry Hubbard – Wayne May
  • Jack Ward, Curator of the Secret – Horatio Rybnikar
  • Doctor of Decipherment, Warren Cook – Horatio Rybnikar
  • Translator of the Tablets: Interview with Paul Schaffranke – Wayne May
  • Pay No attention to that Man Behind the Curtain! – Horatio Rybnikar
  • Why Alexander’s Tomb is in Illinois – Paul Schaffranke
  • Washington’s 9,000 Year-old Caucasian Skeleton – A.A. Staff
  • African Chief’s Skull is that of a White Woman – A.A. Staff
  • Israel’s Archaeology Slips into the Dark Ages – A.A. Staff
  • New Evidence Authenticates Bimini Road – A.A. Staff
  • Epigraphic Society Announces Symposium – A.A. Staff
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editorial: The Stone Pyramids of Ancient Japan – Frank Joseph