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Volume 25, Issue 133: Copper Alloy Arrowhead in Northern Wisconsin


  • Mystery Coin Located On Keweenaw Waterway – Mick Bauman
  • Ice Age Artifacts: The Antiquity of Neville Points – Jay Stuart Wakefield
  • Sacred High Places: Megalithic Stones in N. A. – Bruce Grimes (posthumously)
  • Seven Dolls at Dzibilachaltun – George Fery
  • The Michigan Relics, Part 2 of 3 – The Ancient American Staff
  • Mysterious Beast of Burrows Cave – The Ancient American Staff
  • Copper Alloy Arrowhead in Northern Wisconsin – John Lefgren PhD, David Lefgren, Lynn Lefgren, Mike Stahlman, Mike
  • Lafontaine, and Wayne May
  • Viking Ships: Ancient Maritime Treasures – A. MacCallum Scott, edited by W.N. May
  • Archaeologists Pull Native American Canoe from River
  • Hunter-Gatherer Violence in Southern N. A
  • Skeletons in the News
  • Late Period Caranqui in Ecuador
  • Woodland Tradition and Black Sand Pottery
  • Ancient Americans: Far Older than initially thought
  • Ancient Old World Connections with Stonehenge