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Volume 18, Issue 104: Rock Art in Ancient Puerto Rico


  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part Four – Rick Osmon
  • Exploration of Middle Eastern Culture to N.A – Tom Roberts, Ph.D, DD
  • Remembering Dorset: The Beaker Connection to Ohio – Mark R. Eddy
  • Newport’s Hidden Medieval Foundations – Gunnar Thompson, Ph.D
  • Chicago’s Waubansee Stone – Brad Olsen
  • Clovis Bones of Contention – Ancient American Staff
  • Lugged Axeheads of the Bronze Age – Jay S. Wakefield
  • A Study of Carribbean Petroglyphs – Rex Cauldwell
  • Illegal Park Projects Damage Sacred Site
  • Ancient Burial Caves Discovered in Tennessee
  • Archaeologists Discover 8,000 year old shelter
  • Ancient Siberian Skeletons Confirm Origins
  • 2,500-Year-Old Solar Observatory in Peru
  • Earliest Evidence of Chocolate
  • Ancient Historical Research Foundation
  • Ancient American Field Investigative Team
  • The Machu Picchu of Southeast Asia
  • Circle Cross Symbol in First Nations Mythology