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Volume 23, Issue 123: A Pre-Hispanic Unknown Culture


  • A Pre-Hispanic Unknown Culture Found in Chile – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • Who Were the Toltecs? – Dr. Arlan Cage
  • Mysterious are the Great Pre-Historic Bens Run Ruins – Lawrence Gallant
  • Lost Rock Art Found – Carell (Carl Lehrburger)
  • Utah Hill Horse Discovery Missing – Lon E. Kreger
  • Cherokee 1,000 AD Tribal Mound Reclaimed
  • Hopi Tribe Announce New Collaborative Maize Project
  • Ship Anchors in the Heartland
  • Axehead of the Eastern Atlantic Islands
  • Hopewell: Vibrant Expression of Ancient Cosmology
  • Bourne Stone Evidence of Early Atlantic Crossing
  • Cyrus Gordon’s Theories of Semitic America
  • Red Haird Female Mummy in Mammoth Cave