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Volume 22, Issue 119: High In The Andes: The Lost City of El Enladrillado


  • Symbolism of the Great Serpent in the Adena & Hopewell – Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer
  • Blythe Intaglios: Anthropomorphic Geoglyphs – Bryan Hilliard
  • Is Aztalan Based on a Star Map? – Andreas Forrer, Ph.D.
  • Amazing Garden Beds of Ancient America, Part 2 – Lon E. Kreger
  • El Enladrillado: A Pre-Diluvian Site High in the Andes – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • The Breath of the Scioto Schism, Part 2 – Mark Eddy
  • Mysterious Earthworks in the Amazon – Joan Conover
  • Ancient Coin Found in Michigan
  • Obituary: John Anthony West
  • Found: A Sword, Maple, British Columbia
  • Questioning Hidden Motives
  • Marco Island Historical Museum: Major Exhibit
  • Ancient City of Mardaman Found
  • Harvard’s Peabody Museum On-Line Catalog Project
  • A Collection of Michigan Copper
  • Prehistoric Turtle Representations
  • Utah Cave Reveals Children’s Moxxasins
  • A.A.P.S. 14th Annual Anciett America Conference