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Volume 20, Issue 113: Minoans in America


  • The Whetstone Shelter – Kent Christon
  • Sailing to America: Latitude data for the Copper Trail to Isle Royale and Egypt recorded on Bronze Age Axheads – Jay Wakefield
  • Adena Earthworks at Charleston, WV – Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer
  • Ancient Minoans in Pre-Columbian America – Ancient American Staff
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 13 The Forts of the Cumberland River – Rick Osmon
  • “These Interesting Remains” Marietta Reevaluated, Part 2 – Mark R. Eddy
  • The Use of Fossil Shark Teeth in North America
  • Egyptian Writings on Hidden Mountain
  • Newark Octagon: Another View
  • Aztalan Discovered? Utah Cavern May Point the Way
  • Ancient American Anomalies: The God Kettle
  • Effigy Mounds in Richland County, Wisconsin