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Volume 17, Issue 99: New Find: Crystal Skull


  • An Ancient American Exclusive: New Crystal Skull – Frank Joseph
  • Evidence for Minoans Along Sailing Route to N.A. – Jay S. Wakefield & Valdimar Samuelsson
  • Giants, Dwarfs and Demons in the Ohio Valley – Fritz Zimmerman
  • Mysterious Ruins at Bluff Point, New York – David D. Robinson (Part One)
  • The Kensington Rune Stone: A New Angle – Bill Woodward
  • Prehistoric American Indian Copper Spuds – Don Spohn, Ph. D.
  • Decoding Poverty Point (Part 2) – Dr. Robert N. List
  • Viking Waterway Tour
  • AAPS 11th Annual International Conference
  • The Hopeton Earthworks and the Hopewell Culture
  • National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Mound Builder Park Sites
  • Ten Key Points on Authenticity of Artifacts
  • Unique Discoveries Exhibited for First Time
  • Strange Skeletons Found in Wisconsin, 1912
  • First Nations Group Outraged at Site Destruction