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Volume 18, Issue 106: Chicago’s Ancient “BloodStone” As seen on History H2’s “America Unearthed”


  • The Suppression of Knowledge by Establishment – Martin Armstrong
  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part Six Cold Metal, Human Adaptation and
  • Hot Commodities – Rick Osmon
  • Report on the Wabansee Stone (as seen on H2 TV) – Scott F. Wolter P.G.
  • Evidence of Phoenicians in Ancient America – Ancient American Staff
  • Mystery Solved: Lime Kiln Origin of Rhode Island Tower – Gunnar Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Archaeoastronomy: Slants and Notches – Mark R. Eddy
  • A Critique of the Method of Rock Art Dating: Moab Ut – Paul Rimmasch
  • How Long have Humans lived in Southwest Florida
  • Scientists Confirm Tobacco Use by Ancient Mayans
  • Old American Theory is Speared
  • Miners Left a Pollution Trail 6000 Years Ago
  • Ancient American Field Investigators
  • Beneath the Surface: Ancient Panama Exhibit
  • Egyptians in the Grand Canyon?
  • Did the Chinese Discover North America (Book)
  • Expeditions:Gold, Shamans and Green Fire (Book)
  • Sacred Places: IRELAND (Book)
  • Secrets of Ancient America (Book)
  • Ancient Enclosures; Jefferson & St. Lawrence Co.,NY
  • Town Creek Indian Mound: The Pee Dee Culture
  • Trails of History