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Volume 16, Issue 97: Cuneiform In The Mountains Of Utah


  • Archaeologists Make New Finds at Kincaid Mounds – Pete Rosenbery
  • Lady Elche of the West – Frank Joseph and Wayne May
  • Pre-Columbian Oil Mining in Ancient Pennsylvania – Thomas Anderton
  • Decoding Poverty Point, Part I – Dr. Robert N. List
  • King Arthur’s Colony in Ancient America – Dr. Gunnar Thompson
  • Crossing the Atlantic via the Azores – Dr. R,M, de Jonge & J.S. Wakefield
  • Southern Indiana Find on the Ohio, River
  • Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
  • Bored? Got Some Spare Time?
  • Morton Collection of Human Crania in the Spotlight with Year of Proof:Making and
  • Unmaking Race
  • Study in PNAS puts U of SC Topper Site in Middle of Comet Controversy
  • Review: The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi
  • On the Population and Tumuli of the Aborigines of North America
  • Book Review, Viking America