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Volume 15, Issue 93: Discoverer of the Bat Creek Stone Feb 14, 1889


  • The Sillustani Necropolis in Peru – Jay Wakefield
  • Grafton Elliot Smith and the Elephant Controversy – John J. White, III
  • Search for the Mysterious Stone Builders of New England – James Vieira
  • Megalithic Relics of Northern California – R,C, Nideyer and Ron Smith
  • Tennessee Patriots Honor War of the Rebellion Veteran and Science Hero – Ancient American Staff
  • Archaeologist Claims 12,000-Year-Old Solstice Site in Clarke County, V
  • Iceland Spar, or How Vikings Used Sunstones to Navigate
  • Noatak Prehistoric Site Contains New Artifacts for Alaska
  • Chalk Creek Gives Up Mysterious Face on Rock
  • Melungeons Celebrate Mysterious Heritage at 3-day N.C Conference
  • Old American Theory is Speared
  • KRS: It Goes On (correction page from AA#92)
  • The Woodland People
  • Archaeology and Racism
  • Unconventional Scholars Convene in Marquette
  • MES Newsletter, November 2011