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Volume 14, Issue 88: A Semitic Presence in Ancient North America


  • Report of Archaeological Investigation on the Bat Creek Stone of 1889 – Scott Wolter and Richard D. Stehly
  • Stone Inscriptions Found in Tennessee Proves that America was Discovered 1500 Years before Columbus – Dr. Cyrus Gordon
  • Copper Plates from Peters Creek – Lawrence C. Gallant
  • Five Hundred Years of Injustice – Steve Newcomb
  • The Ontonagon Boulder – David Hoffman
  • Ocean Pendats – Jay Wakefield
  • Common Origin of North American Indians – Jason Lee Hamiliton
  • The Tugalo Stone of Georgia – Thomas D. Cox
  • Another Inscribed Rock in the Angeles National Forest – Christopher Nyerges
  • Chinesca Culutre Offering Found in Tepic – Ignacio Villarreal
  • 10.000 Year Old Artifacts found in Florida – Tom Wagner
  • Stalagmite Reveals Carbon Footprint of Early Native Americans – Gregory Springer
  • Letters to the Editor