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Volume 14, Issue 87: Raising the Stone in North America


  • The Standing Stone of Peters Creek – Lawrence C. Gallant
  • Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators – Michelle Delio, Wired News
  • Sorcerers of Chaco Canyon – Frank Joseph
  • Cherokee Hopewell? – Cyclone Covey, Ph. D. Wake Forest University
  • Cherokee and Hopewell? A Response to Dr. Covey – John J. White III, Ph. D.
  • Ancient Micro Art Discovery – Carl Lehrburger
  • How the Little Ice Age Changed History – Colette Thomas Smith
  • Second Hoard Roman Coins Found along the Ohio – Lee Penington
  • Re-dating Serpent Mound – Ross Hamilton
  • Rock of Ages – Jack Jones
  • 10th Century Ship in Indonesia Sacked? – Irina Bokova
  • Summary of MES Related News – John J. White III
  • Ancient Village Found in Illinois – Associated Press
  • Ancient Canals in Florida – Associated Press
  • Life Time Member MES Dies – John J. White III, Ph. D.
  • Archaeologists Change Course on Migration – Larry Shroud, Batesville Daily Guard
  • Earlier Humans in the Americas – John Noble Wilford, New York Times
  • Conference in Salt Lake City
  • Preservation and Restoration in Illinois
  • Letters to the Editor – John J. White III
  • Giants and Dinosaurs Together? – PRAVADA
  • Ships on the Waters of North America – Myron Paine