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Volume 13, Issue 81: The Lost Race of Lovelock Cave, NV.

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  • Site Identification on Southern Illinois Artifacts – Scott Wolter
  • Mystic Symbol Ship Artifact from Burrows Cave – John J. White, HI and Beverley H. Moseley, Jr.
  • The Phoenician Head from Las Balsas – Romeo H. Hristov and Santiago Genoves T.
  • Kennewick Man and the Lost Tribe of Norden – Pat Chouinard
  • Exploration of the Gartner Mound – William C. Mills (part one)
  • Discovery of the Islands in the Atlantic – Dr. R.M. de Jonge and J.S. Wakefield
  • Lost Race of Lovelock Cave, Nevada – California Monthly Newspaper
  • The Inola Rock Shelter – Harvey Shell
  • Egyptian Queen Beat Columbus by 3000 years – Gunnar Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Murray Tunnel Update -Jim Leslie, MES
  • New Worlds Oldest Observatory in Peru- Frank Joseph
  • Book Review: “Unearthing Ancient America”
  • Ancient America’s Amazing Garden Beds