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Volume 12, Issue 77: Venus Alignments & Rhode Island’s Newport Tower


  • The Mayans and Their Ruins – Habeeb Salloum
  • Texas Giant Human Skull – Archie Eschborn
  • The Rocky Creek Stone: A Mississippian Treaty – Donald N. Yates
  • Legends of White Indians in the Americas – Colette Thomas Smith
  • Mound Works on Hales Place Jackson Co. IL – Cyrus Thomas
  • Travels in the Yucatan: Mayan Secrets – Colette O’Brien
  • Exploring Prehistoric W.V. White Day Creek – David Cain
  • Venus Alignments in the Newport Tower, R.I. – Scott F. Wolter P.G.
  • Nasca Iron Ore Mine found intact in Peru – Amy Patterson Neubert
  • Kennewick Man: New Rules Damage Research – Annette Cary
  • Archaeological Society of Ohio Symposium
  • Linguistic Experts Concerned About Languages
  • Warren W. Dexter, Obituary
  • Eastern Cherokee Display Ten Commandments
  • Kansas Field Trip reveals Chi Rho Symbol
  • Source of the Mississippi River