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Volume 11, Issue 70: Ancient Grave Cairns Mark Their Journey


  • Evidence of Old World Travelers in Colorado: The Sun Temple and Crack Cave – Carl Lehrburger and Scott Monahan
  • Easter Island Demystified – Peter Marsh
  • Burial Mounds of Albany Illinois (reprint) – William Baker Nlckerson
  • A Templar Treasure In Nova Scotia – Kassandra Dycke Ba. S.Pg.
  • Pre-Inca Bolivia’s “Impossible” City in the Sky – Frank Joseph
  • The Stone Rows of Tormsdale: A Voyage to Central America the Realm of the Dead (Caithness. NE Scotland, c.1600 BC) – Dr.
  • R.M. de Jonge & J.S. Wakefield
  • Pennsylvania’s Cairns of the Delaware – Wayne May
  • Asiatic Fathers of America. New reprint
  • China Map Lays Claim to Americas – Dauld Doane
  • Discovery Channel Releases Diffusion DVD
  • Ancient American Remembers Marlon Dahm