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Volume 11, Issue 68: Ecuador’s Phoenician Artifacts


  • The Crespi Collection: Ecuador’s Phoenician Art – Dr. Warren Cook
  • The Anubis Caves: Evidence of Mithraism and Celtic Religion In The Oklahoma Panhandle – Carl Lehrburger
  • The Skulls of Missouri’s Goat Bluff Cave – Gerald Fowke
  • Wisconsin’s Pyramid City and Lizzard Mound – Frank Joseph
  • Holy Smoke: The Powerful Peace Pipe – W. Max Reid
  • Canada’s Petroglyph-Serpent Mound Connection – Iudhael Jewell
  • Kentucky’s Ancient Message Board – .James Burchell
  • California’s Mystery Monolith – Diane Wirth
  • Genetics Rewrites Pacific Prehistory – Peter Marsh
  • The Archaeological Society of Ohio
  • AAAPF Conference on Ancient America
  • Japan’s Lost Treasure House of the Sea – Professor Nobuhiro Yoshida