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Volume 10, Issue 61: The Bow and Arrow at Burrows Cave


  • The Real Origins of “America” – Tom Strider
  • America’s Oldest Pyramid – Frank Joseph
  • Ancient City Discovered in Michigan – David A. Deal
  • Earthquake Archaeology – Curits J. Little, ESQ.
  • Michigan’s Prehistoric Remains Imperiled – Fredrick Bennett Wright
  • King Crowley of Arkansas – Russell Johnson
  • A Viking “Obelisk” in Maine? – Dennis J. Arsenault
  • The American Bow and Arrow at Burrows Cave – John J. White, III and Beverley H. Moseley, Jr.
  • Michigan’s Sanilac Petroglyphs: Relics of Ancient America’s Inner World – Daniel J. Wood
  • Two California Ogam Stones – Steve Bartholomew
  • No More “Clovis Moses”
  • The Most Powerful Fort in Ancient America – Frank Joseph
  • New Book Release: The Dragon in the Lake – .Archie Eschborn
  • ACPAC: Kennewick Man Again
  • New Book Release: Visitors to Ancient America – William F. McNeil