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Volume 6, Issue 41: The Real Face of the Maya


  • Did Ancient Chinese visit the Grand Canyon – by Jack Andrews
  • Hall of Records in the Great Pyramid – by Dawoud Khalil Messiha
  • Niagara’s Ancient Cemetery of Giants – by Benoit Crevier
  • Chinese Statuette found in Oklahoma Mound – by Cyclone Covey, Ph.D.
  • Annotated Transcription of Ohio’s Decalogue Stone – by J. Houston McCulloch, Ph.D.
  • Ancient Electronic Technology in Wisconsin – by Christopher T. J. Dusch
  • New York’s Man in “Brass”
  • Idaho’s Flood Flood-Giants Remembered – by Thomas E. Farner, Ph. D.
  • They saved Wisconsin’s Man Mound – by Andrew Collins
  • Findings Show First Americans were Caucasian
  • Has the Face of Lemuria been Found? – by Frank Joseph
  • U.S. Navy Atlantis Cover-up?
  • Latest Discoveries show the Maya in a New Light – by Frank Joseph
  • Book Review: In Search of Lemuria – by Frank Joseph
  • Book Review: Ancient Encounters – by James P. Grimes
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ACPAC: Smithsonian Archives
  • Pseudo-Archaeology – by Iron Thunderhorse