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Volume 6, Issue 39: Sunken Citadel off Yonaguni Island


  • Sunken Citadel off Yonaguni Island – by Dr. Masaaki Kimura
  • Japan’s Lemurian Connections with America – by Gunnar Thompson, Ph. D.
  • Stone Age Malta’s Columbian Contacts – by Frank Joseph
  • An Ancient Egyptian Temple in Canada? – by Jason O’Donahue
  • Expedition to California’s “Unseen Wall” – by Steve Bartholomew
  • The Beothuk: Last of the Red Paint People – by G. Iudael Jewell
  • Missouri’s Sacred Stone Mound – by Cecil Abbott
  • The Caucasian “Mummy People” of Alaska – by J.F. Pettyjohn
  • The “Unkown Race” of the Mound Builders
  • A Roman Head in Pre-Contact Mexico – by Dr. Cyrus Gordon
  • Ancient Alaska and the Great Flood – Marilyn Jesmain
  • On-Your-Knees Cave – by Terence E. Fifield
  • Ancient America and the Bermuda Triangle – by Carl P. Munck
  • Viking Sword found in Pennsylvania? – by Jack Bell
  • Midwest Symposium
  • Olmec Chinese Origins Established
  • Knights Templar Artificact found in New Jersey?
  • Desecration in Afghanistan
  • In Memoriam, Cyrus Gordon – Zena Halpern
  • Viking Exhibit, Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Down on the Farm: Missouri’s Puzzling Disc
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Submarine Ruins Off YonaguniFrank Joseph
  • Native Americans and the Clock-Crazy World – Evan T. Pritchard
  • The Gateway to Atlantis – Kenneth Caroli
  • A Theory of Native American Ancestral Diffusion – Dr. Cyclone Covey