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Volume 6, Issue 38: Oklahoma’s Great War


  • The Grand Canyon and the Great Pyramid – by Barry McEwen
  • Is Cuba the “Lost” Island of Atlantis? – by Andrew Collins
  • The Discovery of Ohio’s Brush Creek Tablet – by Dr. J.T. Everhart
  • The Aztec Volcano God – by Todd L. Moody
  • Bloody Battle for Ancient Oklahoma – by Ruel McDaniel
  • Ohio’s Serpent and Britain’s Stonehenge: An Astonomical Relationship – by Ross Hamilton
  • America’s Most Ancient Civilization, Older by More Than a Thousand Years – by Zechariah Sitchin
  • “Mystery Walls” Found in Minnesota Lake – by Frank Joseph
  • An “Ancient Fortress” in Oklahoma? – by David Campbell
  • A Keltic “Cross” (Pillar) in Mexico? – by Dr. Cisco Drake
  • Goslin’s Thousand Year Old Mummy – by Beverley H. Moseley, Jr. & John J. White, III
  • A Norse Ship in Canada? – by Jennifer Robins-Mullin
  • The Strange Death of Blue Babe – by Dennis Ballard
  • Mills Found the Adena Pipe, Not Baby! – by Dr. John White, III & Beverley Moseley
  • Woman Damages Indian Village
  • An Ancient Chinese Ship Found in California? – by Walt Wiley
  • “The Atlantis Trail” to Bolivia – Jim Allen
  • Book Review by Sydney Tanner
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Ten Foot Giants in Canada