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Volume 5, Issue 36: Is Christ the Pale Prophet of North America?


  • An Ancient American Indian Stone Calendar in Connecticut – by Iron Thunderhorse
  • North American Warfare and A Tradition of Giant – by Ross Hamilton & Patricia Mason
  • An Ancient Japan-Wisconsin Connection? – by Professor Nobuhiro Yoshida
  • Changes in Lake Michigan Flooded Ancient Monuments – by Gerard Leduc, Ph. D
  • Underground City of the Grand Canyon, Fact or Fable? – by Frank Joseph
  • Roman Relics found in Arizona – by Earl Koenig
  • North America’s Pale Prophet – by Joshua M. Bennett & Wayne N. May
  • Mongolian Mask Found in West Virginia – by John Fisher
  • New Evidence Confirms Earlier Date for Minnesota Runestone – by Harold Blauzahn
  • New Book Releases
  • The Mystery of Iowa’s “Walled Lake” Continues – by Benoit Crevier
  • Book Review: The Werewolf Book – by Frank Joseph
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ACPAC: What’s a Collector doing here? – by Forrest Penn