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Volume 5, Issue 34: California’s Great Stone Wall


  • Discovering Wisconsin’s Ancient Cairns – by Lloyd Hornbostel
  • The Lost Runestone of Minnesota’s Norway Lake – by Max Ohlendorf
  • What Destroyed Atlantis? – by Frank Joseph
  • Texas’ Rock Wall: Natural Anomaly or Underground City? – by Carolyn Draper Giles
  • Mystery of the Mound Matrix – by Ronald J. Pastore
  • The “Great Wall” of California – by Oscar Valverde and Raul Marquez
  • Wisconsin River Rock Art – by Merlin Redcloud
  • Found: The Lost City of the Zapotecs – by Col. P. Wayne Gosnell
  • Atlantis Rising-Ancient American Conference
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Giants of the Royal Incas – by Glen Kimball, Ph. D