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Volume 5, Issue 33: Burrow’s Cave Find of the Century!


  • Burrows Cave, Find of the Century! – by John J. White, III and Beverley H. Moseley, Jr.
  • Wisconsin’s Silver Mound – Robert F. Boszhardt
  • Wisconsin’s Underwater “Pyramids” and the Outside World in Prehistory – Kenneth Caroli
  • Pre-columbian Contact between Native Americans and Norsemen – Rob Krott
  • Pre-Columbian Crucible: the Birthplace of American Civilization – Dr. Cyclone Covey
  • The Mysterious Stone Structures of New England – Scott A. Browne
  • Burrows Cave is Opened! – Russell Burrows
  • Ancient Oil Lamps in New York
  • America’s Ancient History “For Sale” in Nevada – R. Victor Markham, Jr.A
  • Earth Changes-2000 Conference
  • Canada’s Sacred Petroglyphs “Cannot be Photographed” – Bob Harvey
  • Viking “Mooring Stones” found in Minnesota – Leland Pedersen
  • Book Review: Dragon Bones, The Story of Peking Man – Penny van Oosterzee
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ACPAC: Lithic Technology