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Volume 5, Issue 31: The Crystal Skull


  • Pre-Columbian Crucible, the Birthplace of American Civilization – Cyclone Covey
  • Giant Bears terrorized Ancient America. – Dr. E.J. Neiburger
  • The Crystal Skull, Ancient Artifact or Modern Fake? – Frank Joseph
  • The Michigan Tablets, an Archaeological Scandal – J. Golden Barton and Wayne May
  • The Prehistoric Stone Towers of Japan and Easter Island – Professor Nobuhiro Yoshida
  • Post-Flood Origins of the Great Mother Earth Goddess Religion – David Allen Deal
  • More on Iowa’s Walled Lake – Frank Joseph
  • Photo Show highlights ancient Sacred Sites
  • Atlantis Rising/Ancient American stage September Conference in Montana
  • Ancient American reporters speak in Michigan
  • Atlantic Monthly cites Ancient American
  • Rock Lake web site opens
  • The Smithsonian Institute versus the Kensington Runestone
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Secrets of the Snake Dance – Iron Thunderhorse