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Volume 26, Issue 136: Tuzigoot Ruins of Verde River


  • Legends of Pharoahs Cave – William C. Olivadoti
  • Symbolism of the Staircase to Heaven – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • The German Conquistadors – Georges FeryDepths of American Prehistory lie in Russell Cave – Frank Joseph & Lyn Chamberlain
  • Building a Monument to the Sun God – Jay Stuart Wakefield
  • 20 Years of Melungeon Research – Donald N. Yates
  • The Impact of Cultural Diffusion on Literature – David Goudsward
  • The Roseau Stone – Erik Moore
  • Tuzigoot Pueblo Ruin: Excavation and Repair
  • Louis R. Caywood and Edward H. Spicer
  • Collapse of Maya City due to Drought?
  • Wisconsin Mound reveals 9+ foot Skeleton
  • Atlantis of the Maya in Guatamala
  • America’s Oldest Cave Art Discovered
  • New Olmec find
  • Art and Civilization Outside of Europe
  • The Heartland Arrow