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Volume 26, Issue 134: Michigan Mound Builders Cremation Boxes


  • Funeral Boxes of Prehistoric Michigan – Ancient American Staff
  • Spanish Fort Site, Lake George, MS – Jack Crimm
  • Achilles’ Shield Decoded – Henk van Oosten
  • The Great Pyramid of Ancient America – Frank Joseph
  • Struggle for Freedom in the Yucatan – Georges Fery
  • Judaculla’s Rock – John Hairr
  • Using the Book of Mormon as Historical Guide – Marc Roland
  • The Curse of Oak Island – Ancient American Staff
  • Ancient America’s Woodhenge – Ancient American Staff
  • Did a Comet destroy Early American Civilization?
  • Iowa’s Curious New Albin Tablet
  • Early Native American Site in Avon, CT
  • Maya Temple Tomb Reveals New Insights
  • Bone and Copper Artifacts Found in Ice