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Volume 25, Issue 131: Michigan Relics: a new Find in the Heavens


  • SunGod Dancing in the Azores Islands – Jay Stuart Wakefield
  • Chichen Itza’s Hidden Worlds – Gerorges Fery
  • The Sanpete Mummy Cav – Steve Shaffer
  • The Bourne Stone – M. G. Boutet
  • The Brandenburg Stone Comes Homes – Lee Pennington
  • Astronomical Events Connecting the Ancient World – John C. Lefgren PhD
  • AAPS 16th Annual Conference on Ancient America
  • NEW BOOK: Ancient High Tech
  • Deforestation Unlikely Cause for Cahokia Collapse
  • The Adena Mound: Case for Religious Symbolism?
  • NMSU Museum receives NAGPRA Grant
  • Archaeologists Discover Thousands of Paintings
  • Latest Discoveries in Pre-Columbian Alaska